Christmas is Near

Well, Christmas is around 2-3 months you better start preparation. I drew this illustration keeping in mind the upcoming Christmas.


It is vulgar, but it was made to be funny.  I didn’t come out and say “Oh my god, Tinder is just full of sluts and losers,” because

1. I don’t use Tinder, so I’d be a bad judge as to who uses it, and

2. I don’t like to generalize and stereotype people for using an app.

I made this drawing thinking it’d be funny if Santa was on Tinder, and even funnier if he was a total jerk and used his trademark “ho, ho, ho” while scanning thru profiles.  So I guess you’ll need to be more clear as to which part offended you; the implied adultery, the sacrilegious way I portrayed such a lovable, fake man, the made-up sexist remarks that in no way embody the way I, or anyone, should look at women or another human being, or my terribly elementary use of watercolors(I don’t use them much, as you probably know)?

It is a joke, pure and simple.  Just because a writer writes a horror movie doesn’t mean he wants to kill a group of teenagers in the woods.  Just because I draw(borderline) offensive things doesn’t mean I agree with them or even stand behind them, unless I say that I do.  This isn’t a case of “Gosh, I’m really sick of all these prostitutes on Tinder lately, I bet even Santa would hate them and call them nasty names!”  This is a made-up scenario, involving a made-up man using my minimal knowledge of what an app does.

Illustration about Life

I drew this illustration when I was thinking about my life. First of you try to analyse the painting below, then I will tell you what this is about according to me.


This is the painting of life, In life there comes a situation where you don’t have anything no food nothing, no comfort, you have the choices to make to sit back relax and do nothing or to take control and conquer.!

Little Rain

Warm up sketching. Late night ideas are definitely hit or miss. A little rain never hurt anybody.

Little Rain

I guess there is no need to say anything about this illustration, it is pretty much clear itself 😉

If you still feel like you have any doubt you can reach me here.